PME  Professional Diplomas and Masters

sugarflowers cover photo  for one of the PME professional diplomsa
Cambridge and Ely for PME professional diploma for sugarpaste picture of workbook front cover
Royal icing and piping workbook for.diploma
Picture of the Knightsbridge pme five star award
This is your opportunity to gain a professional qualification the diplomas and master's we are your local approved tutors with the Knightsbridge PME School of Cake Decorating. This is a world-recognised qualification and gives you a great grounding in the skills you will require to become proficient in your professional journey.

                                                              Qualifications required 


Our Ely teaching school doesn't require any formal qualifications to enrol in the teaching syllabus. It is designed for entry-level candidates, even if you have limited skills. However, we recommend that you take basic classes before starting the course. The standards are high, but the rewards are also significant. If you choose not to complete all three diplomas, it is an option, but you won't earn your master's.


                                           What will you need for your course?  


When you start your course you will be given all the tools you require to complete your diploma. As well as your weekly sessions you will be given homework where you can practice your newfound skills in preparation for your weekly scheduled class. You will be assessed on your progress and you cannot complete your diploma until you reach the required standard. Yvonne your tutor will assess your skills and ensure you are coached professionally. 


This program presents an incredible opportunity for pupils to expedite their learning and complete all three PME professional diplomas for sugar flowers, sugarpaste, and royal icing and piping in just 11 days of the full-time intensive course. This covers the 75 hours of practical and theoretical training required to achieve the diplomas. The course not only helps you develop your skills but also provides you with knowledge about costing and pricing, transportation, business guidelines, presentation, and assembly, making it easier for you to start your own business. 


You can find more information about the course on our website page 'Our Range of Gift Vouchers.' The PME professional diploma course comes with a comprehensive toolkit for each module, which allows you to practice and acquire all the necessary skills to create a final test piece. All the work must be completed at Yellow Butterfly Cakes and Sugarcraft, which is an approved teaching school. Our qualified professional tutor, Yvonne O'Neill, is available to guide you whenever required.   Pay online Sugarcraft courses.

Cambridge ElyPicture of one of our pupils collecting her PME professional masters certificate
picture of our very first Knightsbridge pme masters pupil with tutor Yvonne O'Neill
Picture of a local cake make who achieved her masters with Yvonne O'Neill tutor

                                               Five Star Sugar Artist Award.

Attention pupils seeking the ultimate education challenge in Ely to refine and enhance their existing skills! This course is designed to test your design and creativity, embrace new trends and techniques, and require your determination to strive for perfection. 


For those who aspire to rub shoulders with the finest in the industry at Cake International and other prestigious cake shows, this course is perfect for you. To qualify for the prestigious award, you must have already obtained your Masters degree. This course will take you to the next level and require you to reach for the stars to make a name for yourself in the world of Sugarcraft artistry. It's not for the faint-hearted. 


The modules covered to obtain this prestigious award include Sugar paste and dessert table, Royal icing and piping, Sugar Flowers, Modeling, and sculptured cakes. There are no time limits for completing this award, but when you finish, your work will be recognized as a Gold standard throughout the industry.

A snap shop of some of the previous Five Star work, Structures, Royal icing ,
Five Star Sugar artist badge with five gold stars when you complete all the disciplines