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We are a local sugarcraft and cake decorating supplies near you in Ely Cambridge Newmarket meeting the needs of our customers by selling a range of quality equipment for the cake decorating and sugarcraft trade. We have a well laid out store and free parking with wheelchair access.


Making cakes should not be a stressful pastime our knowledgeable staff will be able to select the right tools and best to products that will give you the desired look and taste for your cake. Whether you are making birthday cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, fruit cakes, wedding cakes, we will advise you what you need for your cake making supplies.


So whether you're a professional sugar crafter a wannabe budding cake maker or just having fun why not have a go at decorating your cakes. We have a wide colour range of edible pastes and dust so your cake creations and sugar flowers will come to life.


In our experience, It's not easy explaining to a computer what you want to do, the size you require of the tool you need as (pictures can be deceiving). But you can talk to us and if not in stock we can get what you want within a day or two or if you cannot get in store we will post the product to you. 


We have a range of cake decorating and sugarcraft essentials to help you with your cake and sugarcraft projects. We have the everyday basics such as good quality cake boards and drums, boxes and boards. rolling pins, turntables and everything you need to get the project started and completed. 


If you are not in a position to make or decorate your own cakes or create beautiful sugar flowers consider enrolling on to one of our courses and learn at out our easy learning classes. 




8 x 10 cm blue rolling out pad for flower paste making petals
Set of 8 basic sugarcraft tools, ball tool Dresden from your local Cambridge.
 white Cel Pad for shaping sugar flowers in Ely Cmbridge and Newmarket.
Set of 4 PME pallet knives different sizes from your local cake decorating supplies.
Jem plastic football cutter
Multi geometric cutter
Cupitt 2 set Lily metal cutter for cake decorating and sugarcraft.
Silver drum cake boards 12" and cards all sizes available.
range of edible colours dusts and pastes for colouring cakes.Ely Cambridge Newmarket
 While Cake Boxes in stock various sizes EAly Cambridge and Newmarket.
A set of pme craft brushes ffrom your cake craft shop.
Plastic white smoother for for cakes
Stamans for sugar flower centres
Stainless steel piping nozzle various sizes in stock
Acrylic none stick rolling pin all sizes
Pot of green dust colour green from Edible art.

Our stock range stocked in-store for your everyday essentials for Cake decorators and sugarcraft enthusiasts and much more.


Modelling Tools                     Piping Nozzles                 Cholalate melting pots                   Wedding cake decorations

Stencils                                  Piping bags                       Gum Paste                                    Birthday cake decorations

Crimpers                                Craft brushes                    Sugar paste/fondant                       Birthday cake toppers

Moulds Rolling pins              Edible spray lustre              Coloured cake boards


Geometric Cutters                Squires moulds                 Squires Kitchen flower paste        Cocoa butter  

Cake Dummies                      Number toppers                Chocolate drips                               Ganache

Sprinkles                                Edible gold leaf                 Edible glitter                                Cake mixes gluten & lactose-free

Cake smoothers                    Edible Art dusts                Impression mats                          Cupcake mixes gluten-free 

Floral tape                             Side scapers                       Novelty cutters                            Neon colour pastes

floral wire cutters                  Foam pads                         Flower cutters                              Carnival tappets


floral/florists tape                 Pallet knives                       Christmas cutters                        Large tappets

Edible art dusts                    Plungers                              Cake Boards drums                    Magical tappets 

Coloured pastes                   Pillers                                   Cards                                           Cakesicle moulds

Airbrush colours                   Cake knives                        Cake boxes                                  Ganaching plate sets


Food Colours                       Cake Dowels                             Gum paste                               Beau cake mixes

Ready-made lace                 Craft knives                          Rolling outboards                       Sweet success cakes mixes

Cake tins                              Parchment paper                  Cake toppers

Wax paper                            Ready-made flowers            cake toppers                                 Decorations


We do have a hire service of cake stands cake tins and lace mats call us for availability as this is a popular service. 01353667004


Air brush with compressor

We have a range of top-name suppliers of the best sugarcraft and cake decorating tools and equipment

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