Local workshop hwere pupils and vistiors get involved
Gary Chapman Sugarcraft Demonstrator and Auther

                  Welcome to Ely House of Sugarcraft

So what is Sugarcraft 


Sugarcraft is a fine art which involves using mainly sugar as a medium to create delicate, intricate, and realistic decorations, primarily used in cake decoration. Several other mediums can be used, including marzipan, fondant, gum paste, flower paste, and modeling chocolate. These can be manipulated to create fantastic flowers or models.

How do you start

If you have a desire to learn sugarcraft, there are many ways to get started. The skills involved can be taught, and with practice, you can perfect your craft. You can also enroll in local classes or watch online tutorials to learn the basics. Purchasing a few inexpensive tools can also be helpful in shaping and developing your skills. Remember, practice is key to becoming an expert in sugarcraft.

What is Ely House of Sugarcraft

"We are a group of individual local cake makers, some of us are professional while others are hobbyists or sugar crafters who simply love the art. Our common passion for sugarcraft brings us together to share ideas, watch demonstrations, and learn new techniques across various disciplines. It is through this sharing of ideas that we come together as a community and create a sense of belonging at our meetings."

"When we organise a demonstration, we always have a main event and afterwards, we get together for a chat over tea, coffee, and light refreshments. We also have a raffle to finish off the night.


As an independent group, we have the flexibility to source our demonstrators and provide opportunities for local cake makers and decorators to showcase their skills and bring new ideas to our meetings.


We also plan to hold workshops at our meeting and also intend to bring some of the country's leading sugarcraft demonstrators. Just Watch this Space Also details will be on our Facebook page 



However, inviting national-level demonstrators will depend on our funding. As we continue to build our finances, we hope to bring in people from outside the community, based on the interest of our supporters."


We meet on the second Tuesday of every month, except in August, at the Stretham Parish Rooms located at 42 High Street, CB6 3LD. If you're interested in demonstrating for us, please get in touch so we can schedule you for the upcoming months. To stay in touch, you can call Yvonne on her mobile at 07927951938 or email me at yell_but_cakes@hotmail.co.uk.


We will have a shop that caters to some of your everyday needs.


Additionally, we are constantly on the lookout for aspiring demonstrators who wish to share their skills with others at our club and learn how to transfer those skills to a wider audience.