Site map for our customers

Navigating websites can be daunting so I have included this sitemap so that you can get to the page you want when you want. no more clicking on every button and happy surfing.


This is our home page for Yellow Butterfly Cakes And Sugarcraft where you will find a our basic information of the services we provide in cake making and Cake decorating classes.
Want to know more about our Wedding cake service regarding Design, baking, decorating, and delivery then this page is for you.
This is a selection of wedding cakes for viewing and give some idea of the quality of of our cakes.
Birthday celebration and party cakes take a look at the services we provide.
A picture gallery of some of our adult birthday cakes.
Children love cake so celebrate thier birthday with a themed Birthday Cake.
Take a look at some of our inspirational christening cakes for your childs baptism.
Looking for an opportunity to celebrate someone Anniversay then take look at our cakes it may inspire you.
Want to celebrate any occasion with cake take a look at our pictures.
Its been a long and winding road now it's time to put your feet up and retire taste the freedom with cake.
Another Gaint step in your corporate business why not celebrate your next move with a cake take a look at our gallery of companies who did.
It's any time of the year cake with so many occasiond to celebrate it would be cspecial with a cake.
Want to know more about the ingreaints cost and flavoures of your cake then take a look at this information page.
Want to learn new skills in Cake decorating or sugarcraft take a look and see how easy it is to get started improving your talents.
If your looking for a recognised qualification in cake decorating or sugarcraft. take a look at our professional diplomas and masters courses awailable now locally.
We have gift vouchers for our courses and workshops can be used antime any course or workshop .
Althoough we have closed down our store we still have a range of quality tools and sugarcraft and cake decorationg tools for sale a exceptional value for money .
We have a rang of Christmas cutters and decoration at low low sale prices. These wont last for ever at these prices so update your toolbox now
this is an optional page about the owner of Yellow butterfly Cakes & Sugarcraft the journey so far.
This page lays out our terms and conditions which is protection for yourself and us the seller. if in any doubts or want clarification ask when you call.
Although you can ask us and we tell no lies. The best recomendation or reviews come from from the customers who have constantly taken advantage of our excellent customer service, after sales service. Take a look.
Although we have a contact form for operational purposes you can still call us on the phone we find this a great sevice.
We have met some wonderful wedding suppliers on our journey and sometimes we like to share their details for you to take a look at and concider their services. remember the choice is always yours to decide.
Athough we have a legal obligation to protect your information supplies to us through our website. We can assure you we don't have time to sell our products let alone trying to manage yours.
Since closing our store we vhave excess stock we are selling at exceptionally low retail prices.
We have a range of Christmas cutters and silcone molds now available at knock down prices. Going fast.