Cake decorating courses, Sugarcraft classes and workshops Ely Cambridge and Newmarket

Picture of Yvonne O'Neill head teacher and cake decorator at Yellow Butterfly Cakes & SugarcraftBeing a local to Ely Cambridge and Newmarket I always dreamt of empowering students with confidence and realise their aspirations and express themselves in sugarcraft and cake making. Especially when they never even knew they had it in them.  

So we developed a range of cake decorating courses workshops, Cupcake experience and sugarcraft classes that would encompass, people with any skill level whether it be a hobby or business level.


I love my courses to be fun and informative as well as student participation whatever your skill level and bring their own ideas and thoughts to learning while they are growing. 


So what can you expect when you enrol

We have a myriad of skills we are teaching within the art of sugarcraft to include - Cake decorating, marzipan, royal icing, modelling, Sugar flowers, sugar-paste, cupcakes, chocolate, sculptures work and much more.

Yellow Butterfly Cakes & Sugarcraft cake decorating and sugarcraft courses

We have our own cake decorating courses and sugarcraft classes as well as day workshops where we start from the very beginning.  


Basic Sugar flowers.                       Modelling workshops.

Intermediate Sugar flowers.    

Advanced Sugar flowers.               wedding cake workshop (two days).

Kids classes.                                  children's cup-cake workshops


Workshops online                                                          Courses online   


                  Children's cupcake classes Ely Cambridgeshire          

Knightsbridge P.M.E. professional diplomas and Masters 

There are three diplomas sugar flowers sugar paste and royal icing leading to Your masters can be very rewarding and have international recognition within the cake and sugarcraft industry


PME professional diplomas and masters


This year for the first time we have done an intense fast-track course covering 3 diplomas and after completion, you will receive your masters within 12 days this is a full-time course.


We are now taking our teaching to another level by coaching our students to extend their skills to gold standard competition level through our Sugar artist award.

                                                Visiting tutors Master Classes

We have visiting tutors who specialise in various disciplines within the art of sugarcraft or cake decorating courses Sugarcraft classes and Cake structures. These are all world-renown award-winning tutors who we know you will love.


Look out for the dates online as they are not to be missed if you want to be taught by the best. this highly desired workshops so our advice is to book early to avoid disappointment.


Georgie Godbold Master-class Sugar Wobblies,

Rose Macefield Master-class  Giraffe Cake Structure.  

Tina from The Outrageous Cake Company.  Masterclass Dr Doolittle model


A picture of a blue Dragon made at our Rose Macefield. Ely Cambridge and Newmarket
Georgie Godbolds Bubble bee wobbleis around a bee hive workshop
 picture of a clown from our modeling cake decorating workshop
beautiful spray of sugar rose flowers from our sugar flower workshop
a group of pupils with Yvonne their tutor showing their chocolate cakes finished
picture of cake decorating course books for pme professional diplomas.
Our proud pupil with tutor showing her finished sugarflowers
Junior student working on sugarcraft class work
Young hen at one of our hen parties tasting her cupcakes in our cake decorating course
        So what do you want to do 

If you are looking for a new hobby or start a new business our cake decorating courses will give you the right start. whether it's a cake decorating course a sugarcraft class we will be able to accommodate you.


Still not sure why don't you come along to one of or classes that are already running and meet like-minded students.

You will then not have wasted any money if it's not for you. We have a feeling that won't be the case.


And now we have our on-line payment secure payment through Pay-pal






           Basic Cake decorating workshops Ely 

Cake decorating and making cakes has been catapulted into the spotlight with the Great British Bake Off there has never been a better time hone your skills or refresh them with that long lost urge.


But where do you start? 

Basic cakes covering and Decorating Workshop

Well, here at yellow Butterfly Cakes & Sugarcraft we do a basic cake covering and buttercream workshop.


We always say let us start at the very beginning.


picture of our gift voucher available online Cake decorating courses are not just for  Christmas. Why not gift your loved one friend, girlfriend one of our gift vouchers which can be purchased online or in-store. Click on the picture and scroll down and add the value you want to spend. buy online now.

Placing and stretching fondant icing to cover all the cake at our Cake decorating courses
 Smoothing fondant on cake to give good finish from our sugarcraft classes
A cake just been marzipan and smoothed off with a smoother Ely Cambridge and Newmarket.