My Story and how it started in the world of                      cake decorating and sugarcraft

I thought I would tell you a little bit about me my story and career and how I got started in sugarcraft and cake decorating.


I first got interested in cake decorating when I used to watch my friend's mum making beautiful Wedding Cakes


Like any little girl, I was in awe of her skills and said when I grow up I am going to make sugar flowers and cakes just like you.


I started just making cakes at mates rates and for friends and family as most of us do. A shed in the back garden that I called the studio as it had a better ring to it that garden shed thinks you will agree.


In fact, when the EHO came out to assess it was the first time they had ever done an inspection on a garden shed.


Sometimes people will ask why Yellow Butterfly well it's not as if I like them in fact I am terrified of them and moths. it was my best friend who suggested it as I had just purchased a micro butterfly and it was decided that every cake that we produced would bear this butterfly. 


And as the saying goes the rest is history.


Although I lost touch for over 40 years a chance meeting with my old friend on Facebook gave me an opportunity to meet up with Maureen again and thank her for her inspiration with a big kiss.


The best master class I ever had as we donned our aprons and got down some old-fashioned sugarcraft. 


A big thank you, Maureen, and can't wait to share more sugarcraft sessions with her. 


Cake decorating workshop for children celebrate their success
PME qualification for myself and three other colleagues.
                  It takes teamwork

It's having and working with some great teams and meeting some of the best cake decorators and sugarcraft artists that have made me determined to teach at a high level. 


This has enabled me to constantly update and enhance my skills and create better courses and bring award-winning tutors to do specialist workshops.

MyMyself with my 7" charity willy wonka cake for Macmillan
A kiss for Maureen who made all happen for me.

             Stop-Start in cake decorating

 As I developed my skills in cake decorating and sugarcraft I had to put it all on the back burner as I had three children in quick succession so for many years became a housewife and mother. But still made the odd cake and Sugar flowers.


Fast forward 15 years and was drawn back to my love of making sugar flowers but sold cakes to fund my passion.


First, just birthday cakes then moved into making wedding cakes all from home. I have since had two shops and from their developed and started teaching the art of sugarcraft picking some qualifications on the way.

                 I gained some Qualifications

I gained my City & Guilds in sugarcraft and design with a distinction might I add. and have my masters in sugarpaste, sugar flowers, and royal icing and piping


I am now an accredited tutor for an international teaching school PME Professional diplomas and developed my own teaching teaching "Yes you guessed it sugar flowers along with other courses and workshops. 

Picture of myself just before taking a sugarcraft class

             Shop opens

It was not long until my pupils and Customers started asking me for and equipment so they could do more sugarcraft and cake making.


I decided to open my shop and provide for the basic needs of the local community. 


I never intended it to grow as big as it has and am happy with it as it is.

                     Customers are King


When making cakes or teaching I find it’s very important I work closely with my customers ensuring that they get exactly what they require.


With this in mind, I constantly work in enhancing my own skills and stay in touch with changing trends in the industry. 



A picture of the interior of Yellow Butterfly Cakes & Sugarcraft.

What next 


My next goal is to develop an online tutorial portfolio so that I can extend my teaching to a wider audience. 


Well, of course, I will specialise in sugar flowers because remember that's where it all started.


So watch this space for my YouTube channel and help you grow your skills in my wonderful world of Sugar Flowers.


Bet you thought I would never Stop.