Meet Yvonne your cake designer


Yvonne not just a cake designer but also makes all her own models and sugar flowers.


Always taking great care in making sure that her sugar flowers are botanically correct.


Her models are made using marizpan,

sugarpaste cold porcelain depending on her customers desire.


From bride and groom to novelty cars her skills have no boundaries so just ask and she will meet your design needs.


Yvonne is also skilled in various coverings including royal icing.


Her decorating skills also include brush embroidery, piping, lace work for customers who may require more intricate work on their design

 Flower Cake Displays

We are right in the centre of the historic city Ely city centre in Cambridgeshire with easy access, having ample parking space for you to come and have your free consultation, which we highly recommend prior to placing your order.


 25 years of meeting the needs of our customers and high standards you demand giving you what you want when you want it


During your free consultation you will be encouraged to assist in your design with regards to colour style and taste.


 This is so that we can get a close colour match to your flowers within your bouquet, the style which compliments the theme of the day and finally ensuring that if necessary you can take into account any special dietary needs.


The emphasis at Yellow Butterfly Cake Designs is on quality from the taste and texture of the cake to the detail of the icing and decoration. Whatever style of decoration you chose it is hand crafted in sugar by our cake designer to a high standard

We deliver and set your cake workng closely with your venue          


 Cup Cake Tier Displays



 Yvonne also teaches and demonstrates the art of sugar craft and after qualifying to teach P.M.E. diploma's in all key areas of sugarcraft now has classes to complete your P.M.E qualification as well as her own sylibus of classes


contact details email:

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tel: 01353 667004

mob 07927951938

13 Lynn Road Ely Cambs CB7 4EG  



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