Christmas Cutter's moulds and cookie cutters


It's Christmas time we now however you want to decorate and impress the family with your festive designs and creations with your new Christmas cutters. We have a wide range of cutters and tools to make your cake look special.

These cookie cutters and moulds are easy to use even for beginners to inspire yourself to take your cake to another level.

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 We have so many decorations and christmas shaped cutters, moulds, embossers, plungers, christmas red and black pastes traditional Christmas decorations, edible glitter, Dusts, modelling tools, 


Santas, Christmas stamens, Holly, Gingerbread man, Lanterns, Raindeer, Stars,Snowflakes, Ivy Snowmen,Chistmas ribbons,Polar bears, Christmas trees, Bells, Robins, Candles, and much more.





With all this uncertainty if you want we can post out or if local we will deliver for free within ten miles it's so simple. Ring up and request your and hopefully we can deliver same day


Christmas cakes naked or decorated call for your selection now and we can have this ready in time for your Christmas celebration's.


Remember fruit cake is for all year round not just for Christmas. it does not matter if your celebration is small we can make a cake that is made to measure.                                     

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to book your Christmas cake or tools and equipment                         



8 " round Fruit Cake for all occasions locally made in Ely ready for decorating
10 " square friut cake for all occasions all year round not decorated
Christmas fruit table ready with decoration near you in Ely.
Christmas cupcake range
Stainless steal snowflake cutter
A hand painted Christmas cake decoration of mary and Joseph
cake decoration for a Christmas pudding shaped cake
Christmas carol singer under a lamp

As well as the Marion Frost cutters we have a range of easy to follow books and crammed packed with ideas no matter what you want to decorate.and on-line tutorials from Marion Frost herself.



There is no excuse for not making these products become part of your toolbox as the quality is second to none.