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Being an accredited Knightsbridge PME tutor I can teach you an internationally recognised diploma leading to your masters when all three modules are completed to the standard required. The three modules each take 25 hours to complete, consisting of 1 four hour session followed by 7 three hour sessions and include a course book specific to the course you are taking, a course kit and a certificate on completion.


You can choose to do only one or two diplomas but your masters will not be achieved until all three are completed to the required standards.


Want to complete fast-track intense our11 day programme which includes all 3 modules or alternatively you may opt to complete your masters in 3 separate diploma courses over 8 weeks each.  


Cost of each individual Diploma Course is £350.00 


Cost of Intensive Course covering all 3 Diplomas is £1000.00 (Including lunch)


The Intensive Course and Diploma Course dates for 2019 are detailed below.

Click on the link below to reserve you place on any of these courses.



Monday June 3rd - Friday June14th  

(June 3rd  11am - 5pm  with the remaining 10 days being from 9am - 5pm)


Monday September 16th - Friday September 27th

(Sept 16th  11am - 5pm  with the remaining 10 days being from 9am - 5pm


Sugarpaste Diploma Wednesday

March 27th - May 15th


6pm - 9pm

(1st session on March 27th is from 5pm - 9pm)

8 wks
This diploma course is ideal for beginners and covers basic techniques,coating, crimping and embossing,frills,drapes, fabric effects, ribbons, bows and sugar embroidery, modelling figures, textures, inlay and appliqué, stacking cakes and design handling, designing celebration cakes and colour balance, and finally basic business guidelines copyright and licence.
Sugar Flowers Diploma Wednesday May 29th - July 17th

6pm - 9pm

(1st session on May 29th is from 5pm - 9pm)

8 wks
This diploma course is good for all levels covering basic techniques in wired and  flowers, fantasy flowers, orchids, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums,freesia, cherry blossoms,dahlia,gerber,garden pinks,blackberries, alternatives to sugar flowers,arranging sugar flowers, decoration-cake knives and stands and finally costings and pricing.
Royal Icing Diploma Wednesday July 31st - September 18th

6pm - 9pm

(1st session on July 31st is from 5pm - 9pm)

8 wks
This diploma is good for all levels covering basic techniques, coating, templates, run-out collars, run-out motifs scroll borders, extension borders, lace designs, brush embroidery, cake balance, multi tiered cakes, transport and delivery costs, delivery cost, pricing guidelines, delivery charges, assembly and presentation.


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