Ely Corporate team-building and family fun

Lady model looking worse for wear
team building group of friends showing their cupcakes finished
Cambridge team building Small sugar lily made up into a spray

Whether you on a team building mission wanting to motivate with your company for corporate team-building, want to bring your family along for a get-together and just have fun our cupcake challenge, model making, or handcrafted sugar flowers experience are just what you may need. This experience you don't need to exert yourself and can be adapted for children or adults.


When you arrive you will be given a brief demonstration and be given clear guidelines on how to design and complete your cupcakes. We will supply everything you require to help you along the way. you will have ready-made cupcakes as well as all the tools and ingredients you require to explore and create and design and use your imagination.

group of workers arm in arm showing team building spirit

Family fun for all the family for any age range that we can adapt an experience for all the family.


Come and have fun to learn new culinary skills mum dad and the children you can choose what you want for your activity and we supply everything you need to take home your finished project. 


All the family will be able to take part in every activity so will be able to show the design element and flair in making the best indiiviual finished project.

Two ladies having family fun at our cupcake experience

 If you are a company and wish to build the confidence of your staff by taking them out of the work environment give them the opportunity to shine then this is a great opportunity for them.


They will have to decorate prepared six cupcakes so they will have to use their organisational skills and design flair. 


Teams of three staff members will work together to complete the task and then pitch their design to the judges. A prize will be given to the most influential person during the event.


The activity would have a 2-hour time limit on and would be either a cupcake challenge, making and constructing a spray of flowers or making a model for their project.


Talk to us so we can put a programme tailored to your needs and represents your company.

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So what's included in your cupcake, modelling, or sugar flower experience.


You will be given the basics in a demonstration by award-winning decorator Yvonne O'Neill of some basic piping techniques,


You will have a wide range of sprinkles decorations and icing to choose from.


You will be given six ready-made cupcakes in the cupcake challenge.


You will be taught how to correctly fill an icing bag and see some icing recipes and shown different icing styles using different nozzles.


you will be able to take home your six cupcakes for your family to see and enjoy.


With modelling and sugar flowers you will on the day choose a basic model or a basic flower that you can make using flower and modelling pastes and colour using all the tools provided.

You can take home your creation for all to see.