I am a cake designer and have over 25 years of experience in making cakes and teaching in the art of sugarcraft.

 Customers always asked where they could buy equipment and tools to get started when beginning to gain interest in cake decorating and sugarcraft.


So I decided to open a shop so people could seek advice and buy the very best in from the top manufacturers within the trade enabling them to perfect their skills. 

When making cakes I find its very important I work closely with my customers ensuring that they get exactly what they require.


With this in mind I constantly work in enhancing my own skills and stay I in touch with changing trends in the industry. 


If you require a wedding cake I always work closely with many local venues to ensure I can get your cake to your reception and set it up. 



 I have also developed my own teaching school offering sugarcraft classes and workshops for beginners or experienced cake makers who wanting to expand their skill set in either sugar flowers, modelling, cake covering or royal icing.


I am a qualified Knightsbridge P.M.E. teacher of diplomas in sugarpaste, sugar flowers, royal icing and piping 


URL: http://www.knightsbridgepmeschoolofcakedecorating.co.uk/pme-approved-teachers




I am work as much as I can within the local community with other cake makers and charities across the city.


I bring together with a team of volunteers local cake makers and enthusiasts club called Sugar In The Isles enabling us to exchange skills and we have visiting local, national or even international demonstrators to share their skills on the night.

URL:URL: http://www.facebook.com/SugarInTheIsles/