Wedding and celebration price guide


The prices of wedding and celebration cakes will vary depending on the complexity of the cake and the level of work each creation requires, including sugar flowers, models etc.


You can have any shape wedding cake you chose individual tiers might vary; depending on how many guests you wish to serve. For larger numbers of guests, it may be useful to have an extra cutting cake, which is separate from your chosen design.


It is difficult for us to give you an exact price price for your wedding or celebration cake until a design is chosen. Once you have decided on a style of cake we will be able to provide an exact price and where possible work within your budget just ask.  


Depending on the design of your wedding or celebration cake you have in mind this may not provide much scope for designing your perfect cake. This is where dummy tiers can be used to amazing effect. They are polystyrene tiers that are decorated the same way as edible tiers and then discarded when the cake is served.


Many of the pictures in the wedding cake gallery show cakes, which incorporate dummies and you, cannot tell where they are. By using dummies it is possible to create a visually stunning cake without wastage



We do offer a range of other services associated with your cake, cake stand hire, delivery and set up, cake knifes,


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