Yvonne our cake designer has over 25 years of experience in making cakes and teaching in the art of sugarcraft.


Quite recently with the surge of interest with baking and cake making and sugarcraft though The Great British Bake Off series decided to enable budding as well as professional cake makers to source tools and equipment locally.


So she has opened a shop so people could seek advice and buy the very best in from the top manufactures within the trade enabling them to perfect their skills. 

When making cakes its very important to Yvonne that she works closely with her customers ensuring that they get exactly what they require.


With this in mind she constantly works in enhancing her own skills and stays in touch with changing trends in the industry. 


So whether you require a celebration cake for that special person in your life or require a wedding cake we work closely with many local venues to ensure we can get your cake to your reception. 

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 Yvonne has also developed also has its own teaching school offering sugarcraft classes and workshops for beginners or experienced cake makers wanting to expand their skill set in either sugar flowers, modelling, cake covering or royal icing


Part of the reason Yvonne became a teacher and sharer in the art of sugarcraft was she always dreamt of empowering her students with the opportunity, confidence to realise their aspirations and express themselves- especially when they did not know they had it in them


Yvonne is a qualified Knightsbridge P.M.E. teacher of diplomas in sugarpaste sugar flowers royal icing and piping leading to a masters after completion of all three diplomas to complete your P.M.E masters and her own syllabus of classes and workshops.


Working within the community is close to her heart and once a month offers local cake makers and sugarcraft enthusiasts the opportunity and with her team bring local national and international demonstrators to show different techniques and tips of the art of sugarcraft.

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As well as selling tools and equipment Yvonne want to produce on-line tutorials and have her own local how do we do that days using tools cutters and moulds so customers can have a hands on classes.

So want to know more then contact Yvonne and let her provide your cake develop your skills or provide you with the very best equipment the trade has on offer.

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Tel 01353 667004 

Email: yell_but|_cakes@hotmail.com

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